What’s the biggest crime in the WNBA right now?

According to The View’s Sunny Hostin, it’s being too WHITE and STRAIGHT for the WNBA.


As usual, all the racists always come from the Far Left and they just proved it again.

The woman who is single-handedly saving your league is now hated and will not be accepted because she’s too white and too straight?

You do know how incredibly racist that sounds, right?


Actually, I don’t think they do know anymore.

Watch this stunning clip:

Dave Portnoy called Hostin’s take racist.

From The Daily Mail:

Dave Portnoy has branded Sunny Hostin a ‘racist’ after The View co-host controversially claimed Caitlin Clark is only popular because of ‘white privilege’.

On Wednesday’s edition of the ABC talk show, Hostin divided opinion by discussing the ‘privileges’ that Clark – who broke numerous records in her historic college basketball career with Iowa – has enjoyed amid her staggering rise to fame.

‘I do think that there is a thing called pretty privilege,’ the lawyer and journalist said. ‘There is a thing called White privilege. There is a thing called tall privilege, and we have to acknowledge that.’

‘And so part of it is about race because if you think about the Brittney Griners of the world, why did she have to go to play in Russia? Because they wouldn’t pay her,’ she said of the WNBA.

Hostin’s take on the Indiana Fever rookie has sparked controversy, with Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy taking issue with her comments this week.

So, what’s the opposite of being WHITE and STRAIGHT?

Whatever the hell this is:

Brittney Griner and Wife Expecting Their First Child

So I have to admit something…

I don’t find women’s basketball all that entertaining.

Sorry, I just don’t.

Not even during the Caitlin Clark madness.

So I don’t really follow it and I don’t really care about Brittney Griner too much either.

EXCEPT….when I recently listened to her voice for the first time and was blown away!

Then I got interested and started digging in and started seeing she hangs out with her shirt off a lot.


More on all of that down below — just trust me, if you’ve never seen any of this I think you will definitely find it interesting if nothing else.

Griner is also proudly a self-described lesbian, married to wife Cherelle Griner.

I don’t really approve of it, and I’m not going to write an article praising it, but as long as it’s two adults and you’re not bothering any children, then it’s little sweat off my back.

But now let’s advance the story….

The two women are expecting their first child.

The miracles of modern medicine!

Miracles or mysteries, however you tend to look at it.

Grok confirms the report is true, but admits it does not know which woman (if either) is carrying the baby or how the baby was conceived:

Things that make you go hmmmmm…..

MSN had more details on the story, but also did not give information on either of those topics listed above:

Brittney Griner is expecting her first child with her wife, Cherelle Griner.

The couple announced on Instagram April 13 that they are expecting their baby in July.

“Can’t believe we’re less than three months away from meeting our favorite human being,” the caption read, with the hashtag, #BabyGrinerComingSoon and #July2024.

Brittney Griner is expecting her first child with her wife, Cherelle Griner.

The couple announced on Instagram April 13 that they are expecting their baby in July.

“Can’t believe we’re less than three months away from meeting our favorite human being,” the caption read, with the hashtag, #BabyGrinerComingSoon and #July2024.

Ok, now for everyone who has never really SEEN or HEARD Griner before, this might be a bit of an eye-opening moment for you.

Keep reading:

You Won’t Believe Brittney Griner’s Voice

I’m not sure I have ever covered Brittney Griner on this site before.

I just don’t find “her” all that interesting.

At least that was until today….when I heard a video of “her” talking.

If you’re like me and you’ve never listened to her speak before, you might be just as shocked as I was to hear this.

Understand one thing…..

The video I am about to show you has not been altered in any way.  This is her real speaking voice.

Just watch and listen and then watch and listen again with your eyes closed:


I know some of you will say “who cares” so I’ll address that.

I care.

I care if someone blatantly lies to the entire country.

I care if someone pretends to be a woman so that person can play women’s sports and beat up on bio women.

I care if that person breaks a law in another country and we have to trade real and dangerous prisoner to get them back (why did we do that again?).

So it matters.

Truth always matters.

And now for those people who will say that video is edited or altered, I’ll give you a bunch more all showing that deep, billowy, manly voice:

But that’s not all….

Not only does dude sound like a man, dude also LOOKS like a man and walks around shirtless.

I don’t care how “flat chested” a lady may be, I’ve never known an adult women who walks around topless.

Have you?

Take a look:

Backup here:

I asked Grok if Brittney Griner was a man and Grok said no, but then claimed she was a “lesbian” married twice to women:

Hmmmm, what if she’s just a man married to a woman?

What does Occam’s Razor tell us?

The simplest answer is usually the right one.

So let’s apply it here….

The person LOOKS like a man, SOUNDS like a man, and has been married twice to a woman.

What is most likely….

Option 1 — a very strange sounding woman who has no breasts to speak of who is a lesbian married to women.

Option 2 — dude is a dude.

What does everyone think?

I’m not making any claim, just asking questions and reporting what I see with my eyes and hear with my ears….

This dude Chris May seems to be piecing things together:

This is a Guest Post from our friends over at WLTReport.

View the original article here.

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