Hillary Clinton appeared on The View to hawk her new book “What Happened”. If the sales of Hillary’s previous books are any indication of what her current books sales will look like, she’s going to need all the help she can get from her leftist friends in the entertainment business…

The sympathetic (and borderline communist) women of The View were more than happy to give Hillary a spot at the table to explain why it was everyone else but Hillary’s fault she lost the election. But wait, did Hillary really lose the election? According to the not funny comedian and co-host Joy Behar, Hillary really didn’t lose the election. When Behar reminded Hillary that she actually won the election, but lost because of that pesky electoral vote rule, Hillary seemed quite pleased with Behar’s ignorance and nodded in approval.

The best line, however, came when the queen of The View stepped up to assume her responsibility as the most important voice on the panel and to offer Hillary her thoughts on why she lost. Hilariously, Whoopi’s opined that Hillary’s loss had nothing to whatsoever to do with her crooked politics or high unlikeability numbers with both men and women voters, no, according to Goldberg, it was a simple matter of historical data…LOL!

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