Like the Soldiers of Oden vigilante group we reported about in February, the National Framed vigilante group is tired of waiting for an inept government to protect its citizens from dangerous criminals arriving by boat from nations who have no intention of assimilating in their country. They’ve decided instead, to take matters into their own hands…

A far right group of vigilante pirate migrant hunters are patrolling Sweden’s southern coast by speedboat in a bid to tackle illegal immigration.

Nationell Framtid’s boats monitor the strait of Öresund, a 5km stretch of water between Denmark and Sweden for illegal migrants – who they say are entering Sweden with the help of organised criminal gangs and left wing Danish ‘do-gooders who think they are helping’.

Their pseudo-paramilitary get up – all in black punctuated with a bright red tie and insignia badge on their chest paired with black balaclavas and doc martins – are a sinister sight on the misty water.

Dennis Ljung, 31, leads the patrol – his far right group the Nationell Framtid – translated as National Future – emerged in April last year during the migrant crisis.

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‘We need to take our country back. Our aim is to cleanse our nation free of all immigrants. What we do out on the ocean is just a small step to stop more the mass immigration we have faced for decades,’ he told MailOnline.

dennis ljung

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While he is heavily in debt and unemployed, Dennis is one of the few members of the group without a criminal record according to local media reports. At least 11 members have reportedly been convicted for weapons offences and several violent crimes.
He dismisses allegations the organisation has neo-Nazi sympathies despite also admitting that ‘of course’ they are in touch with the Soldiers of Odin – a gang of violent white supremacist vigilantes patrolling Finland’s streets to ‘prevent migrant sex attacks’.

‘We are a broader organisation than them. We have a written manifesto that outlines our political views, and a code of conduct for how members of Nationell Framtid are supposed to behave – we are not supposed to use violence unless it is necessary for example,’ said Dennis.

‘I will never say that we are an organisation of Nazis. Of course we have members who have been involved in that movement, but we are strong nationalists. That is it.’

Far right vigilante anti-migrant groups across Europe have mushroomed since violence blamed on newcomers rocked the continent.

While authorities say they received a record 163,000 applications for asylum in 2015 and are expecting a further 100,000 this year, nearly half may be rejected.

Members of Nationell Framtid have been drawn to the group for different reasons, but one thing is clear – they feel the government is not doing enough to prevent illegal immigration to Sweden.

Two small speedboats patrol the strait, three men per boat who work 5 or 6 days each week.

To help them track down their target ‘suspicious boats’, they’re armed with radar, radios, binoculars and ‘intel’ from supporters in Denmark who tip them off to when are where smugglers cross.
Once their target is acquired, the team spring into action.

Charging through the waters at full speed, shouting warnings through a megaphone the men tell the captain to stop and that they have called the police then shadow them until they leave the Swedish coastline and return to Denmark.

If they refuse, the men manoeuvre their small speedboat in front of the boat to stop them from progressing and scream: ‘We won’t leave until you turn around’.

‘All boats that we challenge have turned around and gone back to Denmark,’ Dennis told MailOnline.

‘In most cases we haven’t actually seen any immigrants, we just know that they are inside the boats.’

At first, their aggressive tactics and menacing attire caused a problem, Dennis admitted to MailOnline during a three-hour interview on their boat in the middle of the strait.

‘As three men in balaclavas and black uniforms we can easily be seen as some kind of modern age pirates. If they have not heard about us they probably see us as dangerous maniacs, but people are used to us and seem to accept what we are doing.

‘Some even praise us since the coast guard is not doing its job,’ he said. Via: Daily Mail


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