Leftist college professors are known to spout leftist ideology, but the video below is over the top. Pushing communism on students and fellow educators without any points from the other side teaches nothing about critical thinking. The professor in the video below is a known communist who only teaches communism to his students (see comment below). Numerous students have complained about this professor’s one-sided lectures at Villanova.

Villanova professor Glenn Bracey used the official Villanova YouTube account to promote Critical Race Theory to other educators. During his push to get those on a Zoom call to adopt Critical Race Theory, he called the theory “Marxist” and said, “it is at base a spiritual concern.”

“The Marxist foundation of Critical Race Theory is at base a spiritual concern. If you read Marx, you know he was concerned with alienation. Specifically, alienation of the species being. That element of humanity that provide creativity that is unique to the individual and defines us from animals.”

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Bryan Dean Wright tweeted out information about the professor on the Zoom class as a “radical leftist”:

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College students and fellow educators stand up and push back on this one-sided teaching.

Three Important points on CRT:

1. Charges an entire demographic with a collective crime.

2. Uses that charge as grounds for framing individuals within the demographic as perpetrators of that crime.

3. Seeks to strip condemned individuals of rights, dignity, and equal protection based on that charge.

Parents across America have been pushing back against their children being taught Critical Race Theory in the classroom. Many videos of school board meetings have popped showing concerned parents protesting against CRT. Now that the left is openly calling CRT a Marxist ideology, it won’t be so easy to sneak it into the classroom.

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