Shades of Baltimore? How can citizens or visitors in Chicago ever feel safe knowing the Chief Of Police would tell his officers to “stand down” when they are faced with a potential powder keg of violence and chaos? How can his officers feel safe knowing they were putting them in harms way? One can’t help but wonder how much involvement our very own corrupt Chicago Community Organizer In Chief had to do with the decision to give the paid protesters free reign to terrorize Trump supporters? 

A union that represents 54 officers from the University of Illinois at Chicago Police Department is speaking out—arguing the chaotic Donald Trump rally on campus last week did not have to escalate to an extreme level of disorder and could have continued as planned.

The Metropolitan Association of Police Board Director, Ray Violetto, tells Fox News that UIC Police Chief, Kevin Booker, issued unusual stand-down orders including instructions that officers not bring pepper spray or wear dark gloves to the Trump rally—items the union officers say are basic and necessary equipment in any type of crowd control.

Violetto tells Fox News the UIC police were the agency in charge considering the Trump rally was on the school’s campus and that the officers were in charge of policing the inside of the arena.

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“I think the inside is what started that and I think it carried outside,” Violetto told Fox News. “If you watch the inside of the rally there was a pretty large group there that was getting out of control along with the individual that was at the podium.”

Violetto said officers were also told not to touch anyone or make arrests. The UIC officers say they have been extensively trained in handling crowds and riots and could have adequately controlled the situation that night.

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Watch how quickly these pockets of paid protesters turned violent and shockingly, how many police officers were put in harms way:

The MAP police say not only were they put in physical danger but they also were potentially left open to lawsuits because the three people who officers say they rightfully and legally arrested were let go without explanation as a result of the Chief’s no-arrest order.

UIC spokesperson Sherri McGinnis Gonzalez denies the officers’ claims and says riot gear was available “if needed.”

In an email, Gonzalez wrote that pepper spray is typically not used inside the campus arena, officers were not given orders not to place their hands on people, and that officers were told not to wear “dark” gloves, which look “aggressive.”

Violetto argues there are “no white gloves that are out there.”

Gonzalez also wrote that most of the UIC officers were in full uniform with personal protective gear, with the exception of plain-clothes detectives who provided surveillance and valuable intelligence.

These police officers don’t look like they’re wearing riot gear, or are very well prepared for the violence at all in these very telling videos taken by Chuck Pullen, who happened to be at the scene : CLICK HERE

The University says Booker was on site and in charge of managing all UIC police activity and coordinated with multiple law enforcement agencies during the event. Via: FOX News

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