The WiSpa in Los Angeles has been in the news a lot lately over their refusal to keep men out of the women’s section of the spa.

Back in late June, a woman approached the front desk of the spa to complain that a biological male was parading around buck naked in front of ladies and young girls in the women’s area. The spa refused to do anything about it.

Here’s the tweet from June that sparked all the controversy:

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The spa’s inaction prompted a protest outside of the facility. And what would a protest be without the masked, skinny-jean-clad, skateboard-wielding Antifa thugs, who showed up to terrorize the crowd for their opposition to a pervert’s right to expose himself to little girls?

Part 2 of the ongoing WiSpa saga became considerably more violent over the weekend, when Antifa clashed with police, throwing projectiles at them, confident that they’d never face consequences because they rarely do.

Watch as Antifa members spew hate in a profanity-laced rant, with seemingly no clue as to the nature of their own grievances:

(Warning, graphic language)

As the weekend violence escalated, police declared an unlawful assembly.

Violence is oxygen to the unhinged leftist rioters.

This time it was different though, and Antifa won’t soon forget the long-overdue beat-back they received from police.

Ohh, that’s gonna leave a mark!

Officers hit the mob with impact munitions, dispersing them and chasing them down.

Police manage to kettle the violent thugs and arrests followed.

Kettling: A form of riot control, kettling occurs when police officers block off streets and push people into confined areas, like a city block or a bridge. While protest and riot management traditionally focus on dispersing crowds, kettling is all about containment.

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