A mob of people ransacked a 7-11 store earlier this week after taking over an intersection. The surveillance footage shows looters shouting, climbing over the counter-destroying the safety screen, and throwing items to one another.

They emptied the shelves in the convenience store, taking as much as possible. The convenience store is located near Figueroa Street and El Segundo Boulevard, and had surveillance cameras capture the incident.

The looters grabbed cigarettes, lottery tickets, bags of chips, drinks, and clearing shelves of goods.
According to Daily Mail, LAPD Det. Ryan Moreno expressed concern ‘We really want to prevent this from becoming a new trend.’

But LAPD data shows this has become a trend.  Robberies have skyrocketed in Los Angeles, up 17.2% over 2021.

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Even Democrats are frustrated by the lawlessness, California Representative Rudy Salas, introduced a bill that would lower the value a thief can steal and have it count as a misdemeanor to $400. Any amount over that would be a felony, which would be a reversal of Proposition 47. Prop 47 passed in 2014, reducing the penalty for some property theft to a misdemeanor from a felony.

Salas said: ‘Enough is enough, we need to fight back against the criminals who are stealing from our communities. We have seen the unintended consequences of Prop 47’s weakening of our theft laws and I believe California voters are ready to make their voices heard on this issue again.’

California residents have left the state in droves, and those who have stayed are asking for help in staving off the lawlessness permeating city streets.

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