This is what it looks like when the “tolerant” Left uses violence to promote their phony “tolerance” for others….

A loser in the Seattle Seahawks t-shirt really hates Donald Trump. Because he’s too stupid to verbalize his position and too cowardly to take on anyone his own size or gender, he decided to express his displeasure with the GOP frontrunner by pepper spraying some women and children at a Pro-Trump rally.

Here’s the deal: Anaheim, CA city councilwoman Kris Murray introduced a resolution denouncing Donald Trump, which reads in part, “the divisive rhetoric of presidential candidate Donald Trump as contrary to the fundamental principles of the constitutions of California and the United States and as not reflecting Anaheim’s guiding principles of inclusiveness and kindness.”

The LA Daily News reports that more than 50 pro-Trump supporters showed up at the Anaheim City Hall to protest this ridiculous resolution on Tuesday. As you know, wherever there are Trump supporters, there are anti-Trump agitators looking to start a violent confrontation. There’s no word on the anti-Trump numbers, but there were enough to be noticed. The news notes that most of these anti-Trump forces were angry young men.

As the anti-Trump thugs were yelling at the pro-Trump supporters, one asshole decided to attack a group of women and children, including a 53-year-old grandmother.

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“All I remember is a young man jumped on one of my friends and I told him to get off. Then I got pepper sprayed,” said Linda Reedy.

That pepper spray was wielded by the Latino in the Seahawks shirt. Not only did he hit Reedy but also her two young grandchildren and another woman.

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Paramedics were seen pouring water on their eyes to try and remove the stinging spray. A young girl about 8 years old cried hysterically.

It would appear as if someone, possibly Seahawks guy, also punched Reedy in the face as paramedics gave her an icepack for an unspecified facial injury.

To recap: one guy attacked a woman and then the Latino pepper sprayed her, a grandmother, and two young children all because they support Donald Trump. If there are a bigger couple of pussies I’d like to know who they are because these guys have the #1 and #2 spots locked up in my opinion.

Despite the fact that the news was able to capture a very clear picture of the chickenshit pepper sprayer, the dozens of police on the scene were unable to identify or arrest him. No seriously, there were a dozen cops in riot gear, plus many more guarding City Hall, as well as police helicopters overhead and they couldn’t apprehend this coward?

Let’s remember that the reason why everyone was at Anaheim City Hall was because some uppity leftist councilwoman was denouncing Trump for being intolerant. Somehow I think attacking and pepper spraying old women and young children for their beliefs is a million times less tolerant than anything Donald Trump has ever said. Will Anaheim also denounce this Latino asshole and his cohort for what they did? I doubt it.

A better question is: will the national media report this assault with the same vigor that they do any time a disruptive idiot gets thrown out of a Trump rally? Again, I doubt it. The official media narrative is that Donald Trump supporters are the violent ones and anti-Trump protesters are peaceful victims of their hate.

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