As Trump supporters headed back to their vehicles and hotels around DC, where they’re spending the night, after a wonderful day of peacefully showing their support for President Trump, Marxist BLM, and the cowardly Antifa thugs began attacking violently attacking them.

Assault after assault has been caught on video showing the hatefulness and intolerance of the groups the Democrats call an “idea” and a “myth” (see video below).

In the video below, a BLM thug can be seen coming up behind a white male who appears to walking by himself, and sucker punches him in the head. The cell phone in the white male’s hand can be seen flying as the man falls face-first onto the pavement, where he appears to be knocked out.

The female in the yellow pants seen hanging out with the BLM coward who sucker-punched the white male from behind can be seen punching a young female Trump supporter in the back of the head while she was walking away from them.


In scene after scene, innocent Trump supporters are attacked by cowardly, masked BLM and Antifa thugs.

These two young men were outnumbered when a pack of cowardly Antifa dogs came after them, throwing liquid at them and threatening them to, “Get the F**k out of here!”

A family is terrorized in DC while trying to walk down the sidewalk:

An elderly Trump supporter riding his bicycle was pushed to the ground and robbed:

A young Trump supporter is assaulted:

They swarmed around Trump supporters throwing objects and assaulting them:

A Trump flag is set on fire:

More Trump supporters are attacked:

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