A woman named Cassandra Fairbanks was having a delightful time on Twitter posting to her friends about an event that was going on, which appears to be in support of President Donald Trump. She asked a very simple question and one of the responses was filled with such a deranged and vile threat that the DC Police were notified.

All she said was “Who is going to the MAGA meetup tonight?” and that was enough to provoke a leftist into sending a threatening message that was screenshotted from here to eternity. Not only was it screenshotted, but it was entered into the Internet Archive website, Archive.is, where it will likely remain forever as evidence if it’s ever needed by law enforcement.


The threat was horrific in nature and certainly worthy of reporting to the police.

It came from a user named ‘DREAMSTAR’ and it said “I am coming with a gun and i expect to get numerous bloodstained MAGA hats as trophies” but has since been deleted. The user’s account is also showing up as a blue page on Twitter that says “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!”

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I’m not sure if the user is under investigation or if they deleted the account in fear of investigation or arrest.

Either way, it’s being taken as a serious threat and has been reported by the police according to Cassandra Fairbanks.

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Another user, Jack Posobiec, was on his way to the event and streamed it live to see what was going on. He stated “Heading to MAGA Meetups after Trump DC Mass Shooting Threat.”


Jack has stated that the DC Police and FBI appear to be on the scene of the event. Specifically, he said “Update: I’m told DC Police and FBI have arrived at Trump DC to discuss the left-wing death threats to tonight’s MAGA Meetups event.”


Is this what people have to endure just for going to an event to support the American president?

Why can’t people support their country and their president without being threatened by someone with an illogical thirst for blood?

If someone announced that they were going to an Obama event, then would anyone really care? Not really. People might throw a few jokes at them, but they most likely wouldn’t be claiming to be on the hunt for ‘bloodstained HOPE Hats.’

We will update you on this situation if needed.

What is your opinion of the violent leftist threats?

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