THE BIRTHPLACE OF FREE SPEECH IS NOW A PLACE OF OPPRESSION…Berkeley, CA is the scene tonight of yet another attempt to shut down free speech…A scheduled speech from Milo Yiannopoulos was cancelled because of rocks and firecrackers thrown and an attempt to rush the venue. Yiannopoulos was rushed out of the building and is safe but the social justice rioters continue to be lunatics. It’s ridiculous!

Milo is such a great speaker who’s very open minded – We think he scares the heck out of the lefties. Here’s a great sample of Milo in action:

PRICELESS! MILO DESTROYS Heckling Muslim Woman…Crowd Chants USA! USA! USA! [Video] 

The ironic thing is that a sign had a website on it called: “refuse fascism” We looked into refuse and found it’s funded by an organization called World Can’t Wait (WCW): Founders of WCW included members or supporters of the Revolutionary Communist Party, Greens, anarchists, and people of various other political backgrounds.


This is what the left does…they don’t want to hear any other opinion. Isn’t this what they say they’re against?

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The crowd breaks down barricade – “Shut it down”

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Protestors dressed in masks and black clothing join demonstration against Yiannopoulos – Rocks thrown!


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