Millions of California residents are receiving mail-in ballots for the Nov. 3 election, including Redondo Beach resident Tom Thompson and his parents.

The only problem is that Thompson’s parents have been dead for more than a decade.

“I am the son, and I’m getting these officials ballots for people who passed away many years ago,” Thompson said. “Why is this happening?”

So Thompson took to social media in hopes of spurring an investigation.

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To his surprise, thousands of other people commented on the tweet saying they also received official ballots for deceased family members.

“I think it’s wrong,” Thompson said. “I think, number one, it’s a waste of money, it’s postage and everything else that the registrar had to use, and it’s just gotta stop.”

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He said he was worried about voter fraud and that people might misuse the ballots.

“We just felt that there’s gotta be a system in place that would catch that and so it wouldn’t go out,” Thompson said. “If we’re getting it, many other people are getting it, and what do you do with it? Do you trust that no one’s going to use it unfairly or fraudulently?”

It’s the potential for fraud that Thompson said makes him concerned about the results of the election, similar to that concern of President Trump over the mass use of mail-in voting.

“It makes me unsure of the process of the election, and even considering the responses I got back on Twitter, tens of thousands of people are having the same problem: people that are deceased and still getting a ballot,” he said.

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