We’ve all been there…our plane is departing and we watch it rolling away. Well, this guy took drastic measures to catch his plane…this is crazy!
An Irish man took drastic measures to avoid missing a Ryanair flight from Madrid when he managed to jump through security and chase his plane along the tarmac.
Luckily, the epic flight dash was captured on video for our enjoyment.

The man was so late for his flight to the Canary Islands that the plane had already started to move off.

While many of us would admit defeat once staff at the gate said it was too late, this guy somehow got past the desk, ran through the tunnel that was no longer attached to the plane and leaped 10 feet to the ground, cabin bag in hand.

The man then waves at the plane like he is hailing a taxi. He tries to hijack an airport vehicle before continuing in pursuit of the plane.

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Just as he gets closer to the plane, he is intercepted by airport staff.
He eventually was allowed to board the plane…

Via: RT

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