Now that the Democrats have changed their tune on the riots, they want Americans to forget how they promoted unrest and even harassment of President Trump and his supporters. Except, one viral video called “How did you think it would end?” is a look at what Democrats have said to incite their base.

The leading Democrats like Maxine Waters called for harassing Trump administration officials if they are in public. Other leading Democrats and media hosts also called for civil unrest and uprisings long before the riots that are taking place now. The media continues to fan the flames of hate towards our president and his supporters. MSNBC and CNN are openly biased and dangerous because they lie and because they incite more unrest in America. They are essentially an arm of the DNC.

Caldron Pool’s video should be an ad for the Trump campaign. It’s gone viral because it shows clip after clip of Democrats and the media fanning the flames of unrest.

“How did you think it would end?”

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Key Democrats have been opposed to President Trump from the beginning and even refused to attend the inauguration. They have refused to work with the president in a bipartisan way and even defy his efforts to make progress for all Americans. Having the media on their side has also allowed Democrats to lie and spin to gain support while doing everything they can to destroy Trump

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One of the most shocking moments of defiance came when Democrat Maxine Waters told people at a rally to harass Trump administration officials. She has also gone after Trump supporters and even called Trump rallies “white power pep rallies”:

Rep. Maxine Waters must be going after the low information voter because most Americans know by now that President Trump NEVER called the coronavirus a hoax.

Maxine is counting on the people who still watch CNN or MSNBC to believe every vile thing that comes out of her mouth. Her hate for President Trump and his supporters is very evident in the tweet she posted from May 13th:

Trump doesn’t care about the 80,000+ people who’ve died from #Coronavirus! He only wants to open up the economy so he can go back to having his white power pep rallies! The death & economic devastation we are facing is b/c Trump failed to act early & called #COVID19 a HOAX!

President Trump did not “fail to act early” and was proactive in closing down America to travelers from China unless they are American citizens. Once again, Auntie Maxine is counting on people to just believe her fake news.

If anyone has been to a Trump Rally, they know the rallies attract a diverse crowd, and everyone is peaceful. Is she saying Trump supporters are racists? We think so.

Maxine has been hateful to Trump since the beginning of his presidency:

The fearmongering from the left is on steroids now. It’s ironic that Maxine Waters would be afraid of President Trump’s supporters when she was caught on camera telling her supporters to go after Trump’s Cabinet members.

Just a few past quotes from Maxine directed at Trump:

“Stop this fake president!”, “Shut up…We don’t play threats.”, “Damn this president!”, “Just resign…Just get out!”, “Let’s get rid of him!”,  “Doesn’t deserve to be president!”.

Watch Maxine Waters below as she crosses the line in a big way with zero pushback from the MSNBC anchor:

Maxine Waters on President Trump:

He is setting some of us up to be killed.

I have death threats constantly.

This President is irresponsible in so many ways, aside from making us a target of white supremacists and those who would kill us in a civil war.


Waters tweeted:

“I’m calling on the GOP to stop Trump’s filthy talk of whistleblowers being spies & using mob language implying they should be killed. Impeachment is not good enough for Trump. He needs to be imprisoned & placed in solitary confinement. But for now, impeachment is the imperative.”

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