In a video that’s going viral on social media, a man drops his still unextinguished cigarette butt into a sewer hole, to unexpectedly horrifying consequences. DON’T WORRY! THE MAN SURVIVES BUT THIS IS CRAZY!
The video of a man who accidentally blew up an underground sewer with a cigarette was reportedly captured by a CCTV camera in Tehran, Iran.

The 43-second long video shows a man casually tossing a cigarette butt down a sewer hole, before a massive explosion flattens him and reduces everything in sight to rubble.
The footage first shows a well-dressed man dumping garbage down a tiny hole in the footpath. A few minutes later the CCTV camera captures the hapless smoker approaching, who discards his cigarette butt into the same hole.

In the next moment, as the man still stands looking down the hole, an enormous explosion erupts, blowing the path up and throwing the man backwards. The camera shakes with the force of the blast and flying debris obscures the video for several seconds.

When the dust settles, the full impact of the blast can be seen. The paved footpath is gone, and the victim crawls away on his hands and knees amidst the ruins of the surrounding area.

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