DeWayne Craddock opened fire on Virginia Beach municipal employees yesterday in a senseless mass shooting.

The 40-year-old Public Works Project Manager’s motive has been reported as retaliation for being fired from his job.

Craddock killed 11 and wounded several others then barricaded himself behind a door where he got into a shootout with police.

The ‘disgruntled employee’ who sought revenge was eventually killed on the scene.

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The identity of the shooter had been kept quiet in a curious move by the media. No photo of the suspect except for at

USA Today reported a “What we know” but nothing in detail about the shooter:

The Wall Street Journal reported: “A longtime city employee who had been fired entered a municipal building in Virginia Beach, Va., Friday afternoon to exact revenge, law-enforcement officials said. He shot indiscriminately, killing at least 11 and injuring six others.”

Heavy has the only known photo of Craddock:

The media has been conspicuously vague on details…Does this not fit their narrative?



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