How did this man get this license plate? How did it pass the DMV’s rules of no vulgarity? It’s obvious that it’s a plate that bashes President Trump but someone in the DMV let it pass through. Now he’s going to fight for his right to keep an obviously vulgar license plate? Maybe he should grow up and have a decent plate on his car. The Trump-bashing is childish and this guy was a teacher!

What does this license plate say? Don Butler of Richmond, a former teacher, says he chose the F and the K because they’re the first and last letters of the word flunk, and President Donald Trump has flunked. The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, however, says he needs to give up the plate.

The letters FTRU MPK grace the back of his Lexus SUV.

But the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles sent Butler a letter demanding he send back the plate because it violates state rules.

Butler requested a hearing, and he’ll make his case to keep the plate on Monday morning.

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“There’s no question that it’s an anti-Trump message,” he said in a phone interview Friday.

But the former middle school teacher and retired lawyer says he doesn’t understand DMV’s concern. The F and K in the plate are the first and last letters of the word “flunk,” he said, and that’s why he choose them.

“I think that Trump has flunked miserably,” he said.

“Apparently they’re trying to read something else into it. … I have no idea what they think it means.”



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