An elementary school in Loudoun Country, Virginia has announced that if students show up to school maskless, they will be charged with trespassing.

The Assistant Principal of the elementary school was recorded telling parents via phone call that, if their child was to be on school property without a mask, they would be charged with trespassing.

In Virginia, trespassing is a Class 1 misdemeanor and is punishable by up to 12 months in jail and a fine of up to $2,500. This is the penalty being faced by elementary school students.

“Until you arrive your children will be held in an in-school restriction situation here at school,” the Assistant Principal told the parent. “It is important that I point out to you – it’s stated in the letter that you’ll receive – but, it’s important that I point out to you that they are not allowed on campus or on Loudoun County Public School property. Starting tomorrow it will be considered trespassing.”

Listen to the full audio below:

In the same county, the students are being held in auditoriums, gyms, and offices alone for not wearing masks to school. One brave high school student, Nicholas Sanchez, reportedly spent the majority of his week alone in an auditorium.

Sanchez defended his position on the masks but ultimately explained that he would be giving in to the mask requirements so he can continue to get an education.

“Growing up, I was raised to have integrity and to be honest and to do what I believe is right,” said Sanchez. “I did what I could from a student’s perspective. Keeping my educational interests in mind, I think I will go ahead and put on the mask – the face decoration on my face and get my education.”

Another family in Loudoun County, the Platts, reported that their sons’ elementary school warned them that their children will be physically removed from the property if they don’t put on a mask.

“As a family, we will discuss that because these kids take that pressure differently especially the little one,” said the father of the Platt family. “We just want to make sure they aren’t impacted.

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