The leader of the worst economy on the planet is endorsing fellow Socialist Bernie Sanders. Let that sink in… 

Yes…It’s A future you can believe in” if you’re an abject idiot who doesn’t have access to a single news source. 

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VENEZUELA TODAY: The army has moved in, Coca-Cola has stopped production and inflation is expected to hit 500 per cent.


Venezuela’s economic crisis has ratcheted up a gear in the last week after President Nicholas Maduro deployed the army to strategic areas for two days of “war games” designed as a show of strength to a population increasingly pitted against him.

The drastic escalation follows a major deterioration in the country’s finances that have seen widespread shortages of food, basic goods and power cuts, fueled by years of economic mismanagement and corruption that have seen unemployment skyrocket to 17 per cent as the oil price has plummeted.

University College London’s leadership professor Marco Aponte-Moreno, who was born and raised in Caracas, told the past few days had seen the stakes raised for both corrupt officials and those dying from lack of food and medicine in his home country.

“The stakes are very high [for the government] if they lose power,” he said, adding that many involved in illegal activities could be charged and taken to trial.

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“The situation has become a matter of life and death for the government and also a matter of life and death for the people because people are dying because they don’t have their medicines, the water they need.

“It’s very sad to see the country like this, especially when you take into account that this is a country that has large natural resources. I have to admit it isn’t a surprise. Corruption, shortages are things that are not new in Venezuela but they have never reached this level before.” Via- News.comau

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has endorsed fellow socialist Bernie Sanders, D-Vt., for president, calling him “our revolutionary friend.”

In a televised address on Tuesday, Maduro criticized the U.S. election system, which he called “archaic,” for putting Sanders at a disadvantage.

“If the elections were free,” Maduro said, “Bernie Sanders would be president of the United States.”

Socialist Venezuela, which has been criticized for lack of transparency in elections, frequently denounces the U.S. government and accuses it of imperialism. The South American country is also prone to blaming its economic woes on Washington, and the two countries do not exchange ambassadors.

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Is this the America so many college students are dreaming of?

Venezuela teeters on the brink of collapse, with low global oil prices contributing to massive shortage of basic goods like flour and toilet paper. The government recently moved to a two-day work week for public employees in an effort to conserve electricity.

Maduro, who has publicly denounced President Barack Obama, said Sanders “ought to win in the United States.” The Vermont senator trails frontrunner Hillary Clinton and has little chance of amassing the delegates needed to receive the Democratic nomination. Via: The Olympian


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