First lady Melania Trump never disappoints with her style choices. Even though fashion magazines have completely ignored her fabulous style, she hits a home run every time she steps out.

One thing, in particular, that’s special about her fashion choices while overseas is she always includes a nod to the place she’s going to visit either by a local fashion designer or within the fabric itself.

The trip to the U.K. has been an opportunity for our first lady to show once again that she’s a stunning woman who puts thought into her wardrobe for each trip.

When she departed for her trip to the U.K., she wore a Gucci shirt dress that had within the fabric different iconic British monuments like Big Ben.

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The arrival was no different when the first lady wore a Burberry blouse to honor D-Day with the nautical and military themes within. Burberry is also a British brand.

The British press is comparing her navy and white ensemble to Diana’s navy and white looks. The UK Daily Mail reported: Melania’s homage to Diana: Elegant Mrs Trump takes inspiration from the princess’s crisp navy and white ensembles for lunch at Buckingham Palace

The beautiful hat was also a custom design, created by the first lady’s go-to couturier, Hervé Pierre. he designed her Inauguration Ball gown and other incredible pieces she’s worn.

AP photo

Somehow, the fashion magazines missed Melania’s visit to the Queen of England, where her incredible style and impeccable fashion sense stole the show.

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Political magazines like Vogue that used to be considered must-have publications for women passionate about fashion opted instead, to tweet articles about a Barbie drag queen.

During President Trump and First Lady Melania’s visit with the queen, the former fashion magazine tweeted an article featuring an image of Mooch in a “memorable dress” (funny, we don’t remember it, and we’re pretty sure 99% of America doesn’t remember it) and her husband Barack during his second term as President.

One look at their most recent cover reveals the former fashion magazines commitment to pushing a liberal agenda. One of their top stories is about Democrat candidate Pete Buttigieg, who happens to be gay, talking about how he’s “shaking up the race,” even though most of America has no idea who he is.

Instead of featuring America’s most fashionable first lady since Jackie Kennedy, Vogue opted for an article on an NYC Ob-Gyn’s opinion on “denim underwear.”

The activist publication opted for an article pointing out the lack of black winners at the #CFDA Awards (whatever that is?), revealing their lack of diversity.

Kourtney Kardashian’s snakeskin print pants were clearly more important to the editors at Vogue than Melania’s showstopping fashion in London.

A profile on the washed-up actress Laurie Metcalf, who played Roseanne’s leftist sister on the canceled Roseanne show, appeared on the Vogue Twitter feed multiple times during our elegant first lady’s trip. Metcalf is playing the failed 2016 presidential candidate and former first lady “Hillary Clinton” in an upcoming NYC theater performance, so of course, she takes precedence over our current first lady.

The only hint of President Trump and Melania’s visit was a ridiculous article about the Duchess of Cambridge’s sash that she wore to dinner with the first couple.

Are you sick of the media, especially so-called fashion magazines ignoring our fabulous first lady? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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