Vice President Mike Pence fact-checked Sen. Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden’s erroneous claims about the President’s coronavirus response. They had previously claimed (see below) that President Trump should appoint a leader to guide the supplies and logistics in the coronavirus battle. President Trump had already done that!

Vice President Pence gave a great answer describing Admiral Polowczyk who is organizing supplies and logistics every day:

“When the president tapped FEMA to lead this effort, we essentially wanted to say we want to organize this in a military fashion, and we tapped really someone who is widely regarded as the number one supplies and logistics military officer to do just that. He really is an extraordinary individual.”

Pence went on to explain in detail the military-style supplies and logistics strategy that Admiral Polowczyk has implemented :

“I explained to the governors today as I’ve explained to congressional leaders who’ve made what I think is a good faith recommendation that we organize this in a manner of military logistics. It’s exactly what President Trump has done, and it’s what we’re doing every single day to make sure that healthcare workers to make sure that the states that are dealing with a widespread outbreak of coronavirus can be confident that we’re gonna spare no expense, leave no stone unturned, and use this extraordinary apparatus centered in FEMA to get the people of our country what they need when they need it to battle the coronavirus.”

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Schumer sent a ridiculous letter to the president, calling his response to coronavirus “confused and uncoordinated.” Schumer also suggested that President Trump get a military leader to help with the crisis. Little did Schumer know, President Trump already has a fantastic military leader working with him.

The president released the letter below via his Press Secretary:

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Wow! That’s a blistering rebuke of Schumer. A well-deserved one!


Biden was recently interviewed about the coronavirus crisis and told Brooke Baldwin of CNN that the president should establish a task force and put someone in charge.

President Trump announced a task force in January and put Vice President Pence in charge of the task force. Has Biden hired any advisors or anyone who could brief him before the interviews? Did he just forget that there is a Coronavirus Task Force press conference every day on TV?

“He should have someone else in charge with him making sure all these things get implemented.” – Joe Biden

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