France is covered up in Muslims who’re flexing their muscles to gain traction to implement Sharia. Here’s yet another example of Muslims trying to change the way people live by attacking them:

Police have launched a criminal investigation after a Muslim waitress in the south of France was attacked for serving alcohol on the first day of Ramadan.

The horrifying assault took place in Nice, the seaside city that will play host to thousands of football fans attending Euro 2016 next week.
Politicians immediately claimed that the incident was an example of the growing influence of religious extremism in France.

The two men were soon identified – one as an illegal migrant known for his extremist views, but they are tonight still on the run.

The waitress said she always observed Ramadan herself, explaining: ‘It’s not because I serve alcohol that I’m not fulfilling my duty. I do it because I’m a waitress. In Tunisia, I did the same job and never had the slightest problem.’
She told the Nouvel Observateur news outlet: ‘I didn’t think that in France, a free country, I would have been assaulted like that.’
Last year, three men were given six month suspended prison sentences in Nice for threatening a baker who sold ham sandwiches, saying he was ‘not a good Muslim’, for serving the outlawed meat.
MP Mr Ciotti added: ‘Each attack like this strikes a severe blow against the values of the French Republic.’
France has the largest Muslim community in western Europe, of around six million.
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