Fast forward to 2017, as our current President, (who has less than 36 hours remaining in his dark and lawless second term in office) announces the commutation of Army PFC Bradley Manning, who now goes by the name Chelsea.

Obama commuted Manning’s sentence Tuesday as one of his last acts as president. Manning was convicted of violations of the Espionage Act, but will now be released in May 2017 instead of 2045.

“We are a nation of laws,” Obama said after being confronted by a pro-Manning protester at a California event. “We don’t individually make our own decisions about how the laws operate.”

“He broke the law,” Obama continued.

The unidentified questioner then asked an inaudible question about President Richard Nixon and the release of the Pentagon Papers by Daniel Ellsberg, a military contractor who leaked top secret documents regarding military planning in Vietnam.

Obama replied, “It wasn’t the same thing. What Ellsberg released wasn’t classified in the same way.” – Daily Caller

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