While our eyes are on the invasion of Europe, we’re being quietly invaded by Muslim “refugees” who’re really not refugees at all. We need to put an end to the refugee resettlement program NOW! The State Department has admitted over 10,000 Somalis in  10 years! Minneapolis has been hit hardest with a crazy number of 4,868! If you think these people aren’t coming here for the “goodies” like welfare then you need to read this:

Feds’ relocation of Somali refugees stresses Minn. welfare, raises terror fears

These people do not assimilate and are here as moochers. Economic migrants are NOT refugees! Below is just a snapshot of what happened at the caucus but please go to Eric Roper’s Twitter account and I know you’ll be shocked: Eric Roper Twitter

 Two candidates from the Democratic Farmer Labor Party in Minnesota held a caucus where reporters couldn’t even report on the event because the attendees and candidates only spoke in Somali!
Eric Roper of the Star Tribune was trying to report and here’s what he heard – NO ENGLISH!

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