Wake the heck up America! With our wide open borders and huge influx of Muslim refugees sprinkled all over small town America, we need to wake up to any and all efforts to support terrorists. This could be a prank but the FBI is involved so whoever thought this was a good idea will hopefully be exposed even though this isn’t considered a criminal investigation. 

People who live in a small town in Kanawha County are stunned at what was done at their local war memorial.
Johnny Walker, the town’s public works director, discovered the signs supporting terrorism at the memorial on Thursday.
Walker is also a veteran.
“It’s very important to me and truthfully, it’s very important to everyone in Marmet. Well, let me rephrase that. Ninety-nine percent of the people in Marmet,” Walker says of the memorial.
One of the signs Walker found said “Support Isis & The Taliban.” The other cursed “incestuous rednecks.”
“It’s really disgusting. It’s hard to talk about. It really is,” Walker says as he gets emotional.
As Eyewitness News reporter Leslie Rubin was interviewing Walker, she noticed another sign that Walker says he must have missed the day before because he was so upset.
The sign was placed by the memorial for war dogs and read “My Pitbull Would eat your German Shephard.”
“This is still another desecration because another part of the military are the dogs,” Walker says holding the sign.
“Who wants to deface a memorial?” he asks.
Walker says he has contacted the authorities.
Information in cases similar to this are forwarded to the FBI and Homeland Security but since there was no direct threat made, and there was no vandalism, there’s not a criminal investigation underway.

Via: wchstv

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