I think he’s seen the light! When terror hits home it’s a different thing for people like Geraldo who’s been a big defender of the Muslim radical actions.
Geraldo Rivera and his on-air emotional breakdown in the aftermath of the terror attacks in Paris.

In the wake of the attacks last night, Rivera learned that his daughter, Simone, was at the stadium where explosions took place. Just as when a liberal gets mugged, there’s nothing like an Islamic apologist becoming a victim of terrorism, to wake him up. Will he now change his attitude about his so-called “Israelis-as-Nazis” statement, following Israeli attempts to protect themselves from the same type of savages who nearly killed his own daughter?

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Rivera has been a prominent defender of Islamic actions over the years. We can remember in 2013, when Rivera apologized to Muslims for the Boston marathon bombings, offering “Regrets to my Muslim brothers/sisters.”

Let’s not forget, also in 2013, when Rivera referred to terrorist Yasser Arafat as the Palestinian George Washington. That’s right. Rivera appeared on the Fox News Channel, defending Arafat as a “Palestinian hero,” even as Rivera was reminded how Arafat had “killed…and stole billions of dollars from his own people.” To my recollection, this is not something George Washington ever did.

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On that same program, Rivera defended President Obama’s decision to stand beneath Arafat’s portrait as Obama addressed a press conference in Ramallah, West Bank. Rivera’s on-air comments echoed his previous defenses of Obama, such as “President Obama…has proven to be one of our most efficient warrior leaders.”

In September, on Fox’s “The Five,” Rivera defended Iran in a discussion of the Iran nuclear deal, saying there are “plenty of reasons the Iranians have a beef against us.”

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Even earlier in his career, in 2002, Rivera “accused Israel of descending to ‘evil’ in its conduct against Palestinian terrorism.” Then after claiming to be a Zionist, he stated, “But watching the suffering of the Palestinian people, I’m also becoming a Palestinian-ist.” Typically, Rivera said nothing about how many Israeli citizens have been killed by Palestinian suicide bombers or been otherwise murdered in Palestinian campaigns. CNBC “ran a video of Rivera delivering his Israelis-as-Nazis report.” And, Rivera was eviscerated in USA Today by author Ben Stein: “Mr. Rivera, you do a disservice to humanity when you… view the world where victim and killer have equal moral worth.”

Geraldo Speaks About The Reality Of Terrorism:

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