A transgender teacher at an elementary school posts TikTok videos about how they talk to students about their sexuality – something that no teacher ever has to do, especially with such young children.

In one of these videos, he discusses how he is planning to open up to his students about how he is polyamorous and has more than one “partner.

“I pride myself on being a teacher who’s very open about her life, and one of the things I’m very open about is my sexuality,” said the teacher, listing all the different LGBTQ flags displayed in her classroom.

The teacher then expressed distress because he isn’t sure how to tell his students that he is polyamorous.

“I don’t know how to handle that conversation because while I know that the kids are more accepting of things like homosexuality, bisexuality, all of that, polyamory is not in the conversation,” he said.

The teacher then expressed his concern with the fact that conservative families don’t talk about sexuality with their children, nor do they think that this should be a topic of conversation in the classroom.

“That just shows such a lack of thought and care,” he said, accusing conservative families of “not understanding their children as people” and adding that “they’re not reckoning with any kind of reality.”

Just because conservatives disagree with letting a random adult talk to their child about sexuality and their polyamorous sex life in the environment of a classroom doesn’t mean that they are ignorant, uncaring people.

None of these topics need to be a part of the conversation in an elementary school classroom.

Teachers do not need to share so much personal information with their students. Typically, students don’t really know a lot about their teacher’s home life, especially in elementary school.

Now, however, narcissistic, woke teachers like this are hell-bent on sharing every detail about their sex life and gender identity with their students. It is neither necessary nor appropriate to be so open about these personal topics with elementary school students.

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