Hello Texas! What are you thinking? How could the citizens of the Lone Star state vote for someone who refuses to disavow socialism? Yes, your Democratic candidate is all for socialism…Something to think about when you vote in November.


Beto O’Rourke has the young good looks and charisma but what does he stand for? Do you know? Texans must dig deeper and decide on whether they choose socialism or capitalism. This is one of the most important elections because Senator Ted Cruz is a great mind who knows the law and our rights. On the other hand, Beto O’Rourke was asked by a BBC reporter if he supported common ownership of the means of production, a common definition for socialism. O’Rourke played coy and refused to answer.


The reporter for BBC admitted that O’Rourke wouldn’t disavow socialism as he defined it, instead, saying, “the party labels just do not matter anymore. I’m convinced of it. It’s not Republican or Democrat. It’s Texan and American and that’s what we’re standing for in this campaign:”

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James Cooke of the BBC reported:

Intriguingly when I ask Mr O’Rourke the same question – do you support common ownership of the means of production, he is coy.

It is hard to think of another mainstream US politician who would answer with anything other than the word “no”.

But even given several chances, Mr O’Rourke does not disavow socialism as a creed, instead insisting “the party labels just do not matter anymore. I’m convinced of it. It’s not Republican or Democrat. It’s Texan and American and that’s what we’re standing for in this campaign”.

“Investing in the ability for everyone to be well enough to live to their full potential,” does not need a label, he says, adding “it’s also the most fiscally conservative thing possible”.

So O’Rourke doesn’t like labels? He just doesn’t want anyone to tell the truth. We’ll label what he just described…IT’S SOCIALISM. Does Texas want to become California? We hope not! Vote Ted Cruz!

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WATCH: TED CRUZ 25-Second Video Destroys Opponent, “MR. BURN THE FLAG” BETO [VIDEO]

Ted Cruz posted a video of Beto O’Rourke that absolutely proves why no one should vote for the guy and everyone in Texas should rush to vote for Ted Cruz. If there was an ounce of a doubt who the winner should be, then Texans better get on the horse and ride right to the voting booth to make sure their vote for Ted Cruz is in. It doesn’t matter what the polls say, if you’re in Texas then you need to vote no matter what!

I call Beto “Mr. Burn The Flag” due to his response in the video below, not because he burned a flag. Do not confuse a sarcastic joke for real life or as an accusation that Beto ever burned a flag. This article in no way suggests that Beto would burn the flag, but he certainly appears to support other people doing it based on the video below. I have to say this because liberals will turn my sarcasm into an “omg he said Beto burned a flag he’s fake news” and everyone knows that’s a fact that liberals overexaggerate things or make things up that are not true. So again, I am not saying that Beto has ever burned a flag nor am I accusing him of it. However, he appears to support it, so I’m calling him whatever I want in regards to the article. Deal with it.

All it takes is one look at this video by Ted Cruz showing Beto’s answer about the American flag being desecrated to know that he isn’t the right guy for Texas. I’m not a fan of Beto and if I lived in Texas, then Ted Cruz would have my vote in an instant. I don’t think Dallas Cowboy’s Jerry Jones probably would like him either!

Ted Cruz shared the video in this tweet. Click here if the video does not show.

Ted Cruz didn’t have to say much. All he had to do was show a 25-second video about Beto to let everyone know who stands for the American flag and who will end up on their knees.

Beto seems like the guy who will end up on his knees when the national anthem comes on, and Americans are tired of that. I can only imagine that Texans have had enough of that nonsense during their NFL season with their teams.

There is nothing American about taking a knee or desecrating the American flag. That’s our one iconic piece of America that we absolutely respect because of all the people who lost their lives fighting for it and all the people who continue fighting for it.

We can hate each other all we want, but we all live in this country together and there’s one thing that we should all collectively respect, and that’s the American flag.

We don’t need to agree on everything.

We don’t need to like everyone.

We can bicker and argue about anything in the world, but when the national anthem comes on, we all stop and pay our respects for a few moments, then we go back to our business.

People who disrespect the flag are a special kind of selfish. They’re putting themselves over everything. They’re making their message all about “me, me, me – look at me, I’m a whiny brat who wants attention, everyone look at me taking a knee, I need social media likes wah wah wah” – that’s what people really see when someone posts a video of themselves burning a flag or taking a knee during the national anthem.

While they see themselves as an edgy social justice warrior, the rest of us see a disrespectful entitled brat.

Beto answered that question like an entitled brat.

Ted Cruz is a winner who stands for the Constitution.

A vote for Ted Cruz is a vote for America.

We can’t let someone win an election who thinks destroying the flag is an American thing to do.

It’s a horrible thing to do. Get it right.

Disclaimer: Ted did not pay me to write this, but if he wants to send me a few thousand campaign bucks, then he can speak to my manager.

Everyone else can please share this to spread the word and support Ted Cruz.

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