Brandon Straka, founder of the #WalkAway movement, went to Mar-a-Lago on the night of Donald Trump’s indictment, where he met a crazy lawyer who didn’t seem to have any real knowledge of the law at all.

At Mar-a-Lago, Straka saw a woman holding a sign that said: “F*** Around, Find Out.”

The woman was Victoria J.B. Doyle, a lawyer at Akerman LLP.

Victoria J. B. Doyle

In a video posted to Straka’s Twitter account, he asked Doyle if he can interview her. She agreed, but said she has to “be careful” because of her job as a lawyer.

“So, what brings you out tonight?” asked Straka.


“It is long overdue that Donald Trump be held accountable for his many, many criminal acts,” said Doyle. “This is the smallest, least important indictment. But many are coming. And I think he’s genuinely scared, and he should be. And he’s going to end up in prison.”

“What indictments are still coming?” Straka asked.

“Georgia, Jan. 6, and the stolen documents,” she replied.

Straka pressed further and asked what crimes specifically she thinks Trump will be indicted for.

Clearly not knowing any facts about these so-called crimes, Doyle said, “So in Georgia, he tried to change the outcome of an election by bribing the attorney general there to find votes.”

“And with Jan. 6 he incited an insurrection,” she continued. “A violent act which resulted in the deaths of several police officers.”

“Which police officers died on January 6th?” Straka asked, knowing that none actually did.

“Several Capitol police officers,” Doyle foolishly replied. “Brian Sicknick is one of them. Died on the scene… He was beaten.”

She added that two others committed suicide after Jan. 6, saying “I can’t remember the details.”

Doyle then realized that the man asking her these difficult questions was not, in fact, on her side.

“Yeah, you might be Trump supporters,” said Doyle.

“See? I knew they were biased,” laughed Doyle, talking to someone off-screen.

“I’m just providing you facts because you were very angry about something you’re wrong about,” Straka told her. “If you’re an attorney evidence and facts matter. So rather than coming out here like a bonehead -”

“You’re calling me names?!” Doyle asked in disbelief, later calling Straka a “disingenuous a**hole.”

The man next to her yelled, “You’re not a journalist!”

“You’re a deluded, pathetic person like so many of them,” Doyle said to Straka.

Doyle then truly lost her mind, taunting Straka like a toddler, saying, “Keep filming big guy! For your big YouTube channel.”



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