The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson has a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

He’s upset that President Trump added a military parade to the July 4th festivities. He even called the display “obscene”.

Robinson appeared on Morning Joe to rip on President Trump. He’s clearly triggered by the fact that the president has included a military parade in the July 4th festivities:

“No, if you raise kids in the Washington area, you know about the Fourth of July and Washington, and it’s a glorious day. There’s like a fairly cheesy but wonderful patriotic music show on the steps of the Capitol there. There’s people filling the mall. America in its glorious diversity. All kinds of people, and it’s not a political day. It’s a day for patriotism. And then you have the fireworks.

Usually, it’s like cloudy and often you just see sort of diffuse flashes of colored light ahead and it’s a terrible traffic jam. It’s glorious, it’s wonderful, it’s one of the best days in the year in Washington despite the fact it’s usually 95 degrees. And to take this and to make it into what seems to be kind of a combination Trump rally and Kim Jong-un style military parade of hardware and equipment with Sherman tanks — which is ridiculous, the last Sherman tank was taken out of service in 1957 — but it’s just obscene. It really is.

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And I just — I just hope it doesn’t spoil the whole day. I mean, of course they’ll try to have the biggest fireworks ever, and that’s okay. But presidents don’t speak at the Fourth of July. They — it’s the people’s day, it’s not the presidents’ day. And he’s trying to turn it into something else. And I just think it’s — I think it’s awful.”

“Kim Jong Un style military parade”…He’s got a bad case of TDS!

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