Whenever I post about the evil and the dangers of the Freemasons, about 98% of you agree and are awake to the evil cult.

A very vocal 2% get furious and threaten to “never, ever, ever read WeLoveTrump ever again.”

My answer?

I’m not going to stop talking about them and you’re free to go.

Actually, I get it….

Many of you had a friend or father or brother in the Masons, or a mother or sister in one of the women-only groups like the Eastern Star or the Job’s Daughters, and they were probably very low-level and to them it was just a group they were in so they could belong to something.

They probably did some good community service work….

They were probably active in the community….

I get it.

Those people had no idea.

And that’s EXACTLY how the Masons plan it.

But I’m here to wake up the masses to the absolute evil of these organizations.

They claim to support a “higher power”….

The only problem is once you get to the 32nd and 33rd degrees, you find out that “higher power” is not YAHWEH at all, it’s actually Lucifer.


As I said, VERY evil.

And whenever I find something new that is helpful to expose these organizations, I am happy to post it here and broadcast it as loudly as I can!

And I’ve got a GREAT one for you today….

Today I have a video with TWO ex-Masons who were both very high up who are, quite frankly, risking their lives by going on camera and exposing all the secrets.

So don’t take this lightly.

Here you go, both men are in this video from Rumble.

It’s long but well worth your time.

So watch safely here on Rumble:


And now let’s dig in to even more…..

As I told you, when you get to the very top, you find out they don’t follow the Bible at all….don’t follow God or Jesus.


Spoiler alert….they worship Satan.

DEPLORABLE SPOTLIGHT: Max Simms, “When Good Men”


Lucifer….Satan….the Baphoment.

All names for the same demonic fallen angel.

This video popped up in my feed the other day and I thought it was so excellent I had to share it with you.

It exposes exactly what the “Baphomet” is, and what all the symbols mean.

Oh, and how it’s tied to the demonic Freemasons.

So please watch this safely here on Rumble:

And here’s a backup on YouTube if needed:

Sometimes the best way to wake up the public is through stories and pictures.

So I want to tell you about a reader of WeLoveTrump who is doing just that.

Max Simms (pen name for a loyal reader of WeLoveTrump) has written a book called When Good Men.

The book is a mission against human trafficking and child sex trafficking.

As is often the best method, it wouldn’t be real effective to just print a bunch of statistics and try to convince people of the problem….it’s often much better to get the message out there through art.  In this case, through a fictional novel that tells a thriller of a story.

Here’s how Max described it to me:

I spent several years researching and interviewing therapists, dozens of case studies of children who were victims of Satanic ritual abuse (mostly multi-generational), mind control resulting in dissociative identity disorder. I took all that I learned and put my research into a fictional account of which average people would be able to relate to. A book that exposes the cabal but in a way that is not too graphic for the sensitive, a novel that will not bring nightmares but bring awareness… it was a tough balance. My book is a supernatural thriller, and the setting is in the Lakes Region of NH; a beautiful setting contrasting with the evil undergrounds. There is a lot going on this book, as there is a lot going on in todays world.

Destroying the evils of satanic ritual abuse and child sex trafficking are two missions President Trump has worked tirelessly on and for good reason.

So if you’d like to help wake people up to what is going on with organizations like the Masons, check out Max’s book.

In the book, Max refers to groups like the Masons as the “Network”.

In reality, Max tells me this is code for the Freemasons, the Shriners, the Legion Hall….etc.

Every person we wake up helps!

Find the book here 👉 http://whengoodmen.com/

And if you want more on the Freemasons, here is a part of an article I wrote recently that I’ll put down below.

I hope this helps open some eyes.

Have you ever seen a bigger group or D-O-R-K-S in your life than this:

Grange over Sands' Barry Saunders, third from the left, has been installed as master of the Arthur John Brogden Lodge of Freemasons, he was joined by senior masonic figure Phil Gardner, on his right.


Look, losers….playing dress up with your robes and sceptors and your stupid hats is something you should have grown out of when you turned 9.

Oh, in case you haven’t figured out yet by this point in the article, I have absolutely no intention of apologizing for my comments.

In fact, we’re gonna dig in and I’ll explain to you why the Masons are straight from the pit of hell.

Actually, I am going to make one middle ground comment here at the very beginning.

MOST Masons are good people.

Yes, I said it.

MOST Masons have no idea what is going on.

MOST Masons who only get to the first couple of degrees and just treat it as a social fraternity and think they are doing good in their community have no idea about what the Masons truly stand for.

It’s kind of like the FBI…

We all know the top of the FBI is rotten as hell, but there are a lot of good men and women in the lower ranks doing their jobs with honor and service to America.

Such is the case with the Masons.

So to everyone who wrote me and said “my dad was in the Masons and he’s a great person” or some variation of that email, I get it.

But that EXACTLY their plan.

Their plan is to infiltrate every city across America and make it look like it’s such a good and noble organization.

Who could have a problem with the Shriner’s Hospital, right?

It’s just like the Bible says about Satan….”he masquerades as an Angel of Light.”

That’s the Masons.

NATIONAL SURVEY: Do You Trust The Freemasons?

On the surface they want you to think they are Christian, but when you dig in you realize it’s just surface level stuff….and whole lot of other esoteric and pagan CRAP is mixed in.

They frequently reference the Bible but NEVER Jesus.

That’s a major red flag!

Oh, and in case you had any doubt about just how much they have infiltrated society, have you seen this?

Just a coincidence, I’m sure.


Ever wonder about the “G” in their logo?

From Collector’s Weekly:

Dating to 18th-century London, Freemasonry is one of the oldest of these operating fraternal orders, although the group’s mythology claims it is rooted in the building of King Solomon’s Temple around 966 B.C. Like many similar groups, the Masons were borne out of a British craft guild, wherein stone layers learned the tricks of the trade.

“The concept of freemasonry, which taught architecture and geometry, goes back thousands of years,” Lettelier says. “The Greek temples, the pyramids in Egypt, you name it—none of that could have been built without a knowledge of mathematics. So whenever you see the square and compass with the letter G in the center, that stands for God or sacred Geometry.

Spoiler alert….when you get to the top 33 degree of Masonry, you find out the “God” is really Satan!

That’s why they have no problem saying “God” all the time, it just means something very different to them.

Oh and “sacred Geometry”….if that phrase alone doesn’t tell you something is very off with these people, nothing will.

Nowhere in the Bible does it ever refer to “sacred Geometry”….in fact, the whole phrase and idea is highly blasphemous.

More of their imagery:

Note the triangle is always very prevalent.

The skull and bones.

The single “all seeing” eye.

The white and black floor.

The two pillars.

The white/black, light and dark, “as above, so below” imagery is always prevalent.

Can’t you just tell looking at this image something is very “off” about it?  Something demonic?

If you have discernment you can.

Always the white and black checkered floor, a prevalent Masonic symbol:

From Occult World, I don’t agree with the Catholics on some things and I really do not like their Pope but they got this right:

The Catholic Church takes the structure of Freemasonry very seriously, forbidding membership by any Catholic. The Vatican issued its first papal condemnation in 1738, decreeing excommunication for any Catholic Freemason. Many Catholics were originally Masons, including Vatican prelates, and church officials often turned a blind eye, especially in England. The Greek Orthodox Church condemned Masonry in 1933 as a heathen mystery religion. Stephen Knight, author of Operative Masonry, claimed that during the ritual for the Holy Royal Arch candidates learn the secret name of God—Jahbulon: Jah for Yahweh, Bul for the Canaanite fertility god Baal, and On for Osiris. Such references, he contended, proved devil worship.

Freemasonry, as well as Rosicrucianism, received a boost in popularity with the 2003 international bestselling novel The Da Vinci Code. Author Dan Brown ties Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry to the legends of the so-called Priory of Sion, a secret order descended from the lost Knights Templar, to prove that Mary Magdalene is the real holy grail.

Do you see how they always blend together some idea from Christianity with something Pagan?

The “secret name” of God is a mix of Yahweh and Baal?  Really?  Blasphemous to the highest degree!

Because some of us are visual learners, I want to show you some videos by a guy who has done an absolutely fantastic job on YouTube exposing the Freemasons.

To everyone who emailed me and told me to “do my research” about the Masons, I have and here you go.

Seriously, these are very good, please watch:


And here is Obama pushing Freemasonry….

What more do you need to know?


Yes, all the groups are bad.

The Freemasons, the Rainbow Girls, Job’s Daughters, The DeMolay….

Again, it’s just like how Satan has many different names, isn’t it?

These groups have dozens of names, but all one evil root.

This next video addresses the people who say “I was in the Masons and nothing bad ever happened” or “a relative of mine was a Mason and he was a good person.”

Probably true!

But watch:


And an in-depth investigation.

You want research?

Watch this:


And because those may likely get deleted off YouTube, I’ve made a backup.

Watch them all here safely on Rumble:

But I want to know what you think.

You’ve made it all the way to the end, what do you say?

Are the Masons just good parts of our society or a demonic organization?

NATIONAL SURVEY: Do You Trust The Freemasons?

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