Andrew Breitbart got under the skin of the left like no other. When he entered the political scene, progressives had been so used to getting a pass from polite conservatives, they didn’t quite know what to make of him. By exposing the ties between unions, academia, the media and Democrat party, Andrew made their plan to disrupt everything we hold dear about our country much more difficult to implement.

He was 100% correct in his predication about what Obama would do to our country. It’s too bad the media did everything they could to bury his message and pretend he didn’t exist.

Watch Andrew explain Barack Obama’s plan to divide our nation just prior to Obama’s second term:

This video is one of the best examples of how Andrew Breitbart boldly and brilliantly exposed the truth behind the very well organized progressive democrat party:

“If you can’t sell freedom and liberty…you s*ck!”

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Here is the brilliant and very funny story about how Andrew Breitbart went from an apathetic liberal to a passionate conservative and the #1 enemy of the left. Truth is light and light is the best disinfectant. No one’s light shined brighter on the left than our hero, Andrew Breitbart.

Sheriff Arpaio talks about how he spoke with Andrew on the phone just before he died on March 1, 2012:

Listen to one of the only witnesses who were present when Andrew Breitbart died:

Here is Sean Hannity’s tribute to Andrew that shows the amazing work by Breitbart and how he started the “citizen journalism revolution”:

Here is the video Breitbart planned to release before he died. Watch brilliant economist Thomas Sowell explain the significance of this video and Barack Obama’s relationship with radical Harvard Law School professor Derrick Bell.

Here is a trailer from the brilliant movie, “Hating Breitbart” that was released shortly after his death. It shows his support for conservatives and tea party members:


He came out of nowhere and shook things up like no other before him. There will never be another Breitbart.

Rest in peace Andrew Breitbart. We’ll do our part to help keep your torch lit…#War


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