Your announcement to your remaining fan base seemed very flippant and perky tonight Megyn. I almost thought for a moment I was watching Katie Couric. Hey… wait, didn’t Katie Couric attempt to destroy Sarah Palin just prior to the 2008 election? Hmmm… 

Megyn Kelly has had an “interesting week” following the first Republican debate. She has been attacked by Donald Trump for asking him “unfair” questions, became the center of a media frenzy following Trump’s repeated swipes at her, and has refused to apologize for doing her job.

On Wednesday, Kelly told her viewers on The Kelly File that she needs some R&R.

For the first time in six months, Kelly will be going on vacation for the next ten days in order to spend time with her family. Kelly said that for her, “the big challenge is trying to put down the Electronica and unplug it,” but that she will try nonetheless to kick back until the 24th. Kelly did not mention who will take over in her absence.

Though the timing of her vacation has been met with intrigue due to Trump’s recently-ended battle with network chairman Roger Ailes, a Fox representative confirmed to Mediaite that this vacation was planned long before the debates took place. Via: Mediaite

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You can watch Kelly’s announcement here:

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