Why is it that when it comes to Islam, nothing is ever what it seems to be with this “President?”

oregon shooting

The Federal Security Services (FSB) is reporting today that an American black-Islamist terror suspect, who yesterday committed an act of mass murder in the State of Oregon (United States), had been included on a list of 87,000 “known/suspected” Islamic terrorists that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) refused last month to accept from the Federation due to its not being “politically viable in the present atmosphere”.

According to this report, the black-Islamist terrorist who committed this act of terror, Chris Harper Mercer, had previously been indentified by electronic intelligence specialists within the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) as being an Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) adherent after he had attempted to gain passage to Syria via Turkey during the first week of September, 2015.

By the Obama regime refusing to accept this terror list from the Federation, this report continues, Mercer was able to accomplish his terror act when yesterday he killed 9 people and wounded 7 others at the Umpqua Community College prior to his being shot and killed by local US police forces.

Most critical to note about this FSB report is that where it ends, the mysterious, and hugely read, Russian publication Reedus (Ridus.ru) continues—and to fully understand this information one must note that Russian intelligence agencies (SVR/FSB) frequently use Reedus to put information into the public sphere that otherwise would have serious international consequences should the government be found to be behind it—thus giving Reedus its current status known as “a Kremlin resource” and an “agency of Orthodox journalism”. [Русский]

And the information relating to the black-Islamist terrorist Mercer “leaked” into Reedus by the SVR/FSB is, to say the least, shocking and disturbing–including that immediately after the Oregon mass shooting, his Internet personal profile was changed from his true identity as an ISIS/ISIL terror supporter to one of his being a “white conservative Republican”. [Русский]

Via: EU Times

A father of one of the victims describes the scene here:

Conservative Treehouse– While it is difficult to determine the timeline of the relationship; the possibility remains that Chris Harper-Mercer may have been recruited and radicalized. More research needed.

♦ There is also a Chris Harper-Mercer who held a profile on a Dating Website “Spiritual Passions” (Bow-Chicka-Wow-Wow) Under the alias ” IRONCROSS45 ” : (LINK)

However, WARNING – this profile looks to be recently constructed and may be a spoof by the 4Chan website people who are trolling the storyline, angry about the media pointing fingers at the prior story on their site: ( The profile appears edited post death – SEE HERE ) So don’t necessarily trust the content

or shooter I

or killer II

♦ Chris Harper Mercer is Social Media friends (My Space) with only two people. One of those people is Mahmoud Ali Ehsani as noted above.

♦ If you look at the profile of Mahmoud Ali Ehsani (aka: ” Dick_hard_like_a_pistol ” ) what you find is a propensity toward Islamic Extremism and Jihad. Here’s a sample:

or killer 3a

or. killer  friend

♦ Chris Harper Mercer also appears via remaining FaceBook postings and Disquis comments on various social media sites. In this example he commented on a Black Lives Matter Fundraising Page (SOURCE)

you caring

Wouldn’t it be great if we could take this regime at face value and not have to wonder if every time the news reports on a crisis that we’re likely not being told the real story?


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