Joe Biden’s disastrous evacuation of US citizens and Afghan allies has been called the worst foreign blunder in American history by U.S. and foreign leaders alike. When it comes to rescue missions, there is no question America’s commander-in-chief left U.S. citizens and our allies to figure out how to save themselves.

Even some of Biden’s most staunch defenders were left behind to beg for help from foreign troops to rescue them.

Thanks to brave British soldiers, Washington Post reporter Susannah George and her media team have been rescued from Afghanistan. The reporter who works for the anti-Trump, anti-American publication, asked UK troops who were in the midst of an evacuation if they could help her and her friends to escape.

The Daily Mail reports about George’s rescue – The roads were being guarded against Taliban interference by UK service personnel before making it to the security gate of the airport itself, which was manned by American troops.

George did not offer further comment on the troops who helped save her, but the UK’s elite Special Air Service (SAS) have been drafted in to rescue Britons trapped in the war-torn country.

Her difficult journey contradicts President Biden’s assertion that anyone with an American passport would be allowed through checkpoints.

George said security around the airport was ‘crumbling’ and that her Afghan co-worker Tassal and his young daughter were beaten by Taliban fighters as they waited on the civilian side of the airport for a flight that never arrived.

‘I will never forget how they beat my small daughter,’ Tassal told her as he showed her a dark blue bruise on her side. ‘They will never change. My country is gone forever.’


George recalled that the day The Post team was set to leave, British troops had arrived at the security compound where she was staying to escort a larger evacuation, and she asked them to help escort her and her group, who were not far away, into the airport.

‘Initially, the men were cautious about helping us,’ she wrote. ‘We weren’t part of their evacuation, and the officer said they needed sign-off from the U.S. Embassy. But after a few phone calls, they agreed to wave Tassal, another Washington Post employee, and their families through the Taliban checkpoint.’

George says that after she met up with her group they piled into two rented armored cars driven by private security guards and approached the gate to the airport, passing by ‘ half-destroyed vehicles and dozens of desperate families held back by rows of barbed wire.’

They were able to make it along a road protected by UK troops, and up to the gate of the military section of Kabul’s Hamid Karzai Airport, which was manned by US soldiers.

The group made it past the gate and eventually into a makeshift terminal and the group was out on a U.S. military flight list, then later flew out on a C-17 with about 300 passengers on board.

‘We have no indication that they haven’t been able to get, in Kabul, through the airport,’ Biden said at a press conference on Friday.

American troops have not ventured past Kabul to assist Americans who couldn’t get to the airport, with Biden coming under increasing pressure as UK and German forces were revealed to have sent forces into the country to evacuate citizens and embassy workers.

On Friday the White House confirmed that the U.S military used three military helicopters to rescue 169 Americans outside Kabul Airport who were trapped at a nearby hotel.

When asked why the U.S has not extended their perimeter beyond Kabul airport Biden said it was to avoid the risk of having U.S. forces and civilians of being attacked by terrorist groups, including ISIS.

‘The reason why we have not gone out—it’s likely to draw a lot of unintended consequences,’ he said Friday.

But British and French allies have gone beyond the boundaries of Kabul airport and sent troops into the city to help recover their citizens.

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