Except when someone tries to rob them or break into their home or restaurant…then, of course the sheriff deputies will be welcome…

Are you feeling “lucky?”


SEDRO-WOOLLEY, Wash. – The sheriff of a county about 70 miles north of Seattle says a restaurant owner has asked that law enforcement no longer dine there.

Skagit County Sheriff Will Reichardt said on Facebook that after four deputies finished lunch at Lucky’s Teriyaki in Sedro-Woolley Thursday, the owner asked them not to eat there anymore.

Reichardt says the deputies were told that customers didn’t like law enforcement there. The sheriff says his chief deputy called the owner later Thursday and says the request was confirmed along with a request to spread the word among other law enforcement agencies.

UPDATE: The owner of the Lucky Teriyaki broke down in tears Thursday night and said cops are welcome at his restaurant — will even get free meals on Monday — after a public backlash to a report by the Skagit County sheriff said the man had told deputies that law enforcement officers were no longer welcome at his establishment.

The man’s son said it had all been a misunderstanding and he apologized for the incident.



The incident came to light on Thursday when Skagit County Sheriff Will Richard posted a message on his Facebook page that he was left “speechless” after learning that the owner of the teriyaki restaurant asked his deputies not to return to eat there because “other customers didn’t like law enforcement there.” –Q13FOX

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