A couple of months ago, WWII veteran Ike Fabela told his family that he hoped to get 100 birthday cards for his 100th birthday.

It didn’t take long for his wish to spread like a wildfire on social media.

Twitter accounts with large followings chipped in to help Ike’s wish come true.

Military Support, with over 425K followers, asked their fans to send Ike a 100th birthday card:


Hollywood actor Chris Pratt, with over 6 million followers, tweeted a message to his fans, asking them to help this special WWII vet celebrate his 100th birthday, by sending a card.

An entire Facebook page is dedicated to Ike and to his wish to receive 100 birthday card for his 100th birthday.

Thank you Macklin for the card, I'm glad you read about WWII there's a lot of stories out about that time. Again Thank you for sending a card, I appreciated your picture. Your friend Ike.

Posted by Beyond 100, a journey with Isaac “IKE” Fabela WWII Veteran on Thursday, July 19, 2018

The grand total (so far) has exceeded 50,000 cards and gifts for Ike.

One card, however, was more special than all the rest.

Watch, as Ike gets emotional when he opens a card and realizes it’s from our Commander in Chief:

The big one…???? update please keep comments nice, dad deserves that much respect. Thank you????????????‍✈️12-21-18 I will start BANNING YOU IF YOU USE PROFANITY ON THIS PAGE AS OF THIS DATE????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????UPDATED ????POST AND PEOPLE HAVE BEEN DELETED FOR NOT FOLLOWING BE NICE RULE!..UNFORTUNATELY DAD SEEN A FEW OF THESE COMMENTS, HE BECAME UPSET AND ASKED WHY?

Posted by Beyond 100, a journey with Isaac “IKE” Fabela WWII Veteran on Monday, July 30, 2018

h/t Update America


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