Are you ready for the shakedown and breakdown? Are you ready to see who was busted? It was reported that at least 16 members of the violent far-left group known as Antifa were arrested during their protest of an event supporting the police in Philadelphia, PA. It was an event supporting the Blue Lives Matter movement, allowing supporters to cheer for their police and pay some respects to the men and women who deal with criminals on a daily basis.

The arrests apparently were the result of violent clashes between the police and members of Antifa, with the police having the upper hand of the law and laying it down on at least 16 people, some of whom had reportedly “resisted” arrest. That’s ironic since their movement is based around resisting the president, but when they resist the police, then they still get busted and either cited or charged with a crime.

The throwdown happened around the City Hall location in Philadelphia, then seems to have traveled towards the Liberty Bell. Multiple people had started fights with the police and that’s likely what provoked the arrests.

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Police say 16 Antifa protesters were arrested on Saturday after clashing with officers in Center City.

Organizers of the protest rallied dozens to meet at City Hall to oppose the Blue Lives Matter March being held at the Liberty Bell.

Philadelphia police say 75 Antifa protesters were in the area of Broad and Arch Streets around 11:30 a.m. During the protest, police say, several members started to fight with police. Sixteen Antifa protesters were arrested. Nine of those protesters were issued citations and seven were charged with disorderly conduct.

The Blue Lives Matter March, organized by a popular group called Sports Beer & Politics II, began at 10:30 a.m. Saturday on Market Street.

“In spite of all the negative press towards police, we want to show our support of our men and women in blue,” wrote Zachary Rehl, the Blue Lives Matter event organizer.

Rehl is the son of deceased Philadelphia Police Officer Robert Rehl.

The event organizers stated that they did not condone any violence in association with the rally. In fact, “any violence, racism, or display of hate by any group or individual is extremely prohibited,” organizers added on the event page.

Still, members of the Philly Socialists, Liberation Project, Workers World Party Philadelphia, OccupyICEPHL, and many other Antifa groups sought to counter protest against the march.

According to members of those groups, they were marching to demand an end to police brutality, the stop-and-frisk policies, and mass incarceration.

“No justice, no peace” counter-protestors can be heard shouting in a video. “No racist police,” they can also be heard shouting as they march.

Police can be seen redirecting them out of traffic and keeping the situation calm as hoards of people, some wearing mask and holding flags, gathered in the streets of Center City.

“We’ll tell the fascists at the Liberty Bell we don’t want them in our town,” wrote organizers of the “Fascists Go Away: March Against Police Brutality”.

At what point does the Antifa movement realize that they have become everything they are supposedly fighting against? The violence, intolerance, and nonsense are what needs to be resisted. What part of them starting fights with police and marching around causing violence will make people respect or listen to anything they say? Where was this activity when Barack Obama was president for eight years? Did anyone hold protests and try to beat up police when Obama was president?

If anything, it appears as though Trump’s victory has brought out the worst of the left and has completely exposed them for what they are, which is exactly the irresponsible behavior they are conducting in public. Violence, fights, destruction of property, and an overall sense of entitlement without responsibility are what many people see when they watch news coverage of the Antifa movement.

Whatever happened to working hard and supporting your country?


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