First time voters, Democrats, minorities, women, the elderly and the youth are all jumping aboard the Trump Train. With so much enthusiasm from such a cross-section of America, is it even possible for Trump to be beaten?

“He’s a strong man, a strong speaker. And what he says, I have faith enough and believe enough that he’ll do what he says,” she says.

It’s a moment 93 years in the making, that was over in a matter of minutes.

Beada Corum voted for the first time in her life.

“I felt real good, and I enjoyed it,” she says.



Corum, who’s 93 years old, cast her ballot for the only man running she feels she can trust, Donald Trump.

Corum registered to vote back in July, after Trump announced he was running.

Since then, her story has gone viral, inspiring Trump to make a campaign stop in Knoxville, where she was a featured speaker.

She’s also on the ballot as one of his delegates.

“That’s a great honor, to be a 93-year-old woman, and it’s just an honor for me to be for Donald Trump,” she says.

The trump campaign called her Tuesday night, asking her if she would vote early. She says the call made her feel special, so she showed up the first day polls opened.

“I voted early today because my time may expire you know, early votes, you know it’s in,” she says.

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