A pro-life display on the University of Michigan campus was being taken apart by some leftist activists until the cops showed up. It’s shocking to see what the cops DIDN’T do to this activist.

In the video below, you can see activists pulling several of the 1,000 crosses out of the ground and putting them in a white plastic trash bag. One woman, in particular, was busy dropping the crosses in her bag when a member of Students for Life told her to stop.

The student asked: “Why are you taking our property?”

The activist delivers a typical leftist answer: “Because I disagree with it.”

She has no respect for anything she disagrees with and feels she has a right to destroy it.

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What the activist didn’t know is that the Students for Life organization had taken the time to get a permit to display the ‘Cemetary of the Innocents’ crosses.

The police walk up and the activist just drops the crosses to the ground and walks away. It’s hard to believe that the cops didn’t make the activist put the crosses back or just ask to speak to her. They just let her walk away.

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Students for Life’s Kristan Hawkins:

Kristan Hawkins makes a great point. President Trump recently spoke out about free speech on college campuses and plans to remove federal funds from colleges that prohibit free speech.

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