SOCK IT TO ME!! If you needed a good laugh this week, then you’ll be happy to know that Al Sharpton is here to help you! He was talking about the Trump and Omarosa scandal in which she appears to be using her poor choices, being fired multiple times from the White House, and offering favors to Piers Morgan via “show-mance” in hopes to one day sell many copies of her book. Al Sharpton tried paying tribute to his late friend, Aretha Franklin, and he couldn’t even spell her song correctly. You know that famous and super catchy song, right. The one that spells out R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

Well, sock it to me, AL!! This is the greatest and funniest video that we will see this week. I cannot fathom anything funnier than this that does not involve me being surrounded by cute dogs and lots of pizza.

Al talked about PAYBACKS, but then he really proved his point here!!

When I hear Al Sharpton talk about payback, then I can’t help but laugh. Now take Al Sharpton trying to be serious and watch him gaffe the Aretha Franklin song big time, absolutely disrespecting her soul. How is he going to mess up like this and ruin the one song that literally spells it out for you!!??

I don’t think we will see Al Sharpton at a spelling bee any time soon.

Here’s another version that splices in a scene from “The Office” and it’s glorious.

Here’s the time that Al Sharpton said someone should play the song for Trump. You know, that same song that Al Sharpton just ruined.

Al Sharpton used Aretha’s passing and disgraced her existence by turning his words towards Trump when he could have just said something nice, or not at all. Al Sharpton could have said something beautiful about Aretha, but he took advantage of her and used her as a weapon to attack the president. That’s not very nice. Here’s what Mediaite stated about it: “After the Queen of Soul’s passing Thursday, TMZ caught up with Sharpton in Manhattan, where he recalled his favorite song of hers.

“I love Natural Woman, but Respect goes across gender lines,” he said. “It’s in an era where some people are calling some women dogs. Respect is needed to be heard. We ought to play the president Aretha’s song, Respect.”

It was a direct swipe at Trump’s bashing of former aide Omarosa Manigault, on whom he unloaded a slew of insults this week, also calling her “wacky” and mocking her White House ouster.

Aside from praising Franklin’s famous lesson in manners, Sharpton reflected on her success as a black woman in the music industry, calling her “the soundtrack to the progress of America when it came to race” and remembering her appearance on the cover of TIME magazine.

“She was a queen all the way until the end,” he said.”


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