It was just another day on the job for Kwame Anderson and Jason Gaebel were delivering some beer and that’s when they saw a man standing on a bridge about to jump off and commit suicide. Something propelled the men to go that direction and when they did, that’s when they saw the man standing up on the ledge about to hop off Interstate 94 in the St. Paul section of Minnesota. Anderson and Gaebel decided to talk to the man about what could have been the worst decision of his life. All it took was an hour of their time and a 12-pack of Coors Lite to get the man down to safety. The classic case of just another day on the job turning into something that many consider a miracle and act of humanity.

Neither of the men woke up thinking they would go viral, but it happened and a man has been talked out of committing suicide thanks to Kwame and Gaebel having such a big heart. Just imagine you’re driving along the road and you see the man about to jump. That’s when Kwame used something that most men enjoy taking a sip of, a nice brew! Sure, it’s not the fancy craft beer that some people like, but just the thought that someone else wanted to spend an hour talking to the man and then kindly offered a drink was enough to save the suicidal man.

Here are some news clips and coverage of what happened, straight from Kwame’s Facebook page.

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Also as posted on YouTube: “Jason Gaebel and Kwame Anderson don’t usually cross the bridge over Interstate 94 in St. Paul, Minn. But this Wednesday morning, for no reason in particular, the beer deliverymen decided to take a different route, they told local news stations. After dropping off a shipment of beer at a sports bar nearby, Gaebel steered the truck onto the bridge, crossing over the busy highway below. Then, they spotted a man standing on the bridge’s ledge on the other side of the fence. “Bro, you alright?” Gaebel, the driver of the beer truck, shouted out the window, as Anderson filmed on his phone. “Come on this side, bro.”

Hopefully, the man who wanted to harm himself gets some much needed mental health help. He’s probably going through some very rough times and this is the case for a lot of people. If you ever feel like hurting yourself or others, then don’t be ashamed to ask for help or talk to your friends and family. We all go through things that bring us down and we all have moments where we think we can’t go on.

The truth is, we can, and we should.

It should also be noted that Kwame Anderson is a comedian, so if you’re in Minnesota, then please look him up and support him at his shows!

It’s only proper that someone buys Kwame and Jason a beer! Those guys deserve a drink on the house!

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