When an atheist Wisconsin group stuck its nose into the graduation ceremony of a small Ohio high school, they didn’t exactly get what they demanded…

A 70-year tradition at East Liverpool High School was removed from the graduation ceremony, but students weren’t letting it go easily.

The Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation, which advocates for separation of church and state, got wind of the school’s prayer tradition. They told East Liverpool administrators they needed to stop their choir from singing the Lord’s Prayer at graduation.

Rather than fighting legal battles, the school removed the song from Sunday’s program. But instead of losing part of the ceremony, students decided to lead their own prayer.

Graduation at East Liverpool is filled with tradition, and this year students rejected change.

“I know a lot of my student body was uncomfortable with it, just because it is tradition to have prayer at our school,” said Cami Post, class of 2016 vice president.

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“The idea of one person or 2 or 3 standing up and saying they don’t want prayer back in school or even singing or reciting is sad,” said Pastor Rodney Ohler, Salineville Assembly of God.

Ohler and members of his church stood outside to support keeping the prayer in school. – WTOV9

The students appeared to be going along with the order until the valedictorian of the East Liverpool graduating class signaled the class from the podium…

Watch video below to see the graduating students pull a fast one on the atheist group who felt compelled to deprive them of their 70-year old tradition:


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