The hard-working American cowboy is alive a well in Texas…

cows swimming

Flooding in the Trinity River left 500 cattle stranded in rising water.

With the help of cowboys and law enforcement, the animals had to travel nine miles to escape the flooded land.

“This is something,” said Ricky Brown. “It’s really a taste of the Old West coming back in here.”

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The rescue efforts began around 7 a.m. Sunday as the water closed in on the cattle. Nearly 1,800 acres of dry land quickly dwindled down to 50 acres, so owner Pat Hencey began to lead them away from the area. Many Dayton locals gathered along Highway 90 to see them go by.

More than 500 head of cattle had to be rescued alongMore than 500 head of cattle had to be rescued along the Trinity River in Liberty on Saturday as recent flooding trapped them in the water and on small islands throughout the river. About 50 cowboys, law enforcement and volunteers assisted in a cattle drive that lasted nine miles to get about 200 cattle to safety at the CMC Rail yards in Dayton. (Photo: Jayna Swarthout)


Here is the reaction of the local residents to the Old West style cattle drive:

Via: KHOU-11 News

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