Angel Mom, Melanie Kortlang, confronted her Congresswoman Susan Davis in D.C. The shocking video published to Breitbart News shows Kortlang trying to speak to the Congresswoman, but Davis walks away from her and then looks over her shoulder and smiles. One of her aides says she has a hearing as they walk away.

Kortlang continues to speak out to Davis: “You will not silence my daughter. Her blood is on your hands.”

Davis looks over her shoulder smiling…

The cruel and careless behavior is heartbreaking.

Melanie has suffered a tremendous loss and should be heard. She lost her daughter, Amy Kortland, to an illegal alien who had been deported multiple times and was driving under the influence of alcohol.

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Davis is a Democrat who represents California’s 53rd District in San Diego. It’s evident that understanding or even acknowledging this woman’s loss is not a priority for Davis. Her Twitter page has nothing about securing the border but plenty of posts against President Trump’s policies. It’s sad to say, but this is another politician who puts LEGAL Americans last and politics first. She has an “F” rating on every measure of securing the border (see below).

Notice how Davis smiles at Kortland instead of stopping for just a few minutes.

After this video was released, Davis explained that she was late for a hearing. Priorities…



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