The ‘Angel Families’ want Nancy Pelosi to know that this border problem isn’t a “manufactured crisis” but has affected them in a big way.

The group marched into Pelosi’s office to let her know they mean business.

They chanted “build the wall!”


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Nancy Pelosi has refused to meet with the ‘Angel Moms’. The last time she was confronted by an Angel Mom she was blasted with a dose of truth.

Watch the group as they protest at Pelosi’s office about the lack of attention to legal Americans who’ve been devastated by illegal alien crime:

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The video below is from February of last year during a CNN Town Hall in which Pelosi basically refuted Laura Wilkerson’s claim that illegals break laws.

Watch how Nancy Pelosi denies this grieving mother any sympathy or any sort of compassion for the brutal death of her teenage son at the hands of someone who should never have been in the country in the first place:

Why is Nancy Pelosi now ignoring and refusing to meet with these heroic Angel moms?

The group below who tried to see her says she was in her office but refused to come out even though she had a meeting with someone else behind closed doors and a wall.

She’s heartless to refuse a meeting with these people. It’s the least she can do!

A group of Angel Moms gathered outside of Pelosi’soffice:

Sean Hannity recently hosted the Angel Families to learn more about what happened to them and call attention to illegal alien crime:

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