After President Trump cancelled a trip by key Democrats including Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats were miffed. Watch below as Adam Schiff and others speak out after their bus was turned around.

Watch below as Adam Schiff storms off of the bus. He doesn’t even stick his face in the camera like he usually does.

He collected himself and then spoke with reporters but was stiff miffed (video below).

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Members including House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff getting off the bus in front of the Capitol.

How can the Houe Democrats negotiate with Republicans when they’re leaving town?

Pelosi needs to stick around and get to the table to work something out.

Adam Schiff blowing smoke:

Notice how Schiff says Trump is going to Davos. He’s announced he’s not going to Davos.

What were these Democrats doing going on a trip to Afghanistan anyway? The description Schiff gives of the reason for the trip is that it was a fluff trip that would last a week. That would mean the discussion on the border wall would be delayed a week. Isn’t that disrespectful to the federal workers who aren’t working?

Schiff says the delegation wanted to reassure NATO because Trump has threatened to pull out of NATO. Isn’t that undermining the president?

Listen to the tantrum from Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner:

The video below is a riot because Pelosi’s head is superimposed on the body of a woman who lost it at the airport:

Tim Young made our night: “OMG: Nancy Pelosi arrives at the airport, ready for her trip to Brussels….”

President Trump postpones Nancy Pelosi’s trip and the left loses it’s mind:

A couple of our favorite photos from the best move by Trump we can remember:

And this photo with the “Soup Nazi” from Seinfeld:

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