In 1986, Bernie Sanders spoke at the University of Vermont when he recalled his excitement watching Castro’s revolution “rising up against the ugly rich people, and how disappointed he was in Democratic Party President John F. Kennedy’s lack of support for communism in Cuba.

During a town hall on CNN on February 23, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders said it was “a good thing” that Fidel Castro taught people to read and write and that China’s government has “taken more people out of extreme poverty than any country in history.”

Democrat Rep.Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (FL), who represents a district in Florida with a majority of Cuban-American citizens, criticized Bernie Sanders’recent pro-Cuban dictator Fidel Castro comments he made during the Democratic presidential debate.

Yesterday, in a show of support for President Trump, Cubans in Miami took to the streets to form a mile-long caravan of vehicles covered in Trump flags and banners.

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“Meagan” tweeted a video of the parade, suggesting that Bernie’s comments supporting Castro have only increased the support for Trump in the Cuban-American community in Miami.

Translated tweet: Scrapped and in the trash, this photo of Fidel Castro ended, so the communist dictatorship will end. Today it is up to Cuban youth to change our country, our nation and build a country in freedom and progress. A country of opportunities for all Cubans

Here’s another video of the impromptu parade. Below the video are images that were shared from the large impromptu rally.

Another video shows the enthusiasm for Trump with Cuban-Americans.

One last video shows Cubans making sure everyone is clear about their love for Trump.

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