Watching the back and forth on the video below is like watching CNN.

Fox News anchor Leland Vittert argues with RNC spokesperson Liz Harrington continuously interrupting her and becoming belligerent with facial expressions only a two-year-old could love. It becomes clear during the back and forth that Vittert was totally unprepared for the interview.

Vittert calls Harrington “Ma’am” over and over during attempts to talk over her.

‘They knew there was no collusion and yet they started a special counsel anyway,’ RNC national spokesperson Liz Harrington

Twitter fans loved the great job Harrington did in sticking to the facts during her debate with Vittert:

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It’s hard to believe this Fox News anchor behaved as he did to Harrington.

Harrington totally smokes Vittert with facts about what happened with the Mueller investigation.

She shot down every single point he made but he scowled at her like what she said was outrageous.

What’s going on at Fox News?


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