A Houston woman is seen sitting inside a vehicle while videotaping an armed man who claims that he’s an “ex-SWAT deputy” and standing outside of what appears to be a local shopping center. The man she’s videotaping appears to be fed up with the looting in his neighborhood and has decided to take the law into his own hands. The man with the gun tells the woman that he’s an “ex-SWAT deputy, and explains that he’s sick of seeing the looters stealing from local businesses. While the woman is talking to him, the “ex-SWAT deputy” notices some looters running out of a store and begins to approach them with his gun in his hand. He can be heard yelling at the looters, “Hey, put it down!” The looters appear to have taken his threat seriously, and can be seen running away.

Later in the video, the woman in the car identified as “Mama” can be heard saying, “Did anyone call 9-1-1?” Her daughter explains how calling 9-1-1 is a waste of time because no one is going to come. Soon after the looters run away, the man with the gun can be heard justifying his armed defense of the local stores, as he explains to the women in the vehicle that “if you’re looting and stealing from others, it’s a violation of federal law in the time of a catastrophe” he has a “right to bear arms.” He pointed out that the looters “are too lazy to get a job and they’re out here stealing from people” and that they should be helping to rescue people.

Well, you can’t argue with that logic…

Watch the video here: 

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